The Phoenix Code eBook release

The Phoenix Code eBook release

It’s official! My book, The Phoenix Code, is now available in an exclusive eBook release . This is a new, rewritten version of the book, as compared to the Bantam/Del Ry book that came out some years ago.

On Kindle:
On Nook:

It takes a bit longer to come up on iTunes, but it should appear sometime within the next 2-3 weeks.

If you’d like to read the first three chapters online for free, you can find them at the previous two entries in this blog:

Chapter I:
Chapters II and II:

3 thoughts on “The Phoenix Code eBook release

  1. can’t wait to read the new re-write Catherine – i have a nook btw
    [recalling a previous conversation a number of yrs ago re: AI: The Phoenix Code]
    hope the new yr’s treating you well & from that which i have seen – it is
    – luv ‘Lightning Strikes’ – so far so good Thanks 4 sharing young lady . . .
    joanne & i send our regards my friend

    Respectfully, yours . . .

  2. glad to see you are still doing well and congratulations on the re-release of The Phoenix Code.
    I will be re-releasing “Time of the Wolf ” this year 2015. You wrote the first review for it many years ago 🙂

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