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MajorBhaajan02SmI’m excited to announce that my Kickstarter project is now live! I’m hoping to raise funds to record my anthology Aurora in Four Voices as an audiobook.  I’ve been fortunate to find a fantastic narrator, Sylvia Roldán Dohi. You can hear a sample of her narration in the Kickstarter video, and be sure to check out her impressive bio further down on the Kickstarter page. Sylvia has already begun recording, but there are significant expenses to editing and producing the audiobook, and I’m hoping to raise enough funds through Kickstarter to finish it.

Please consider pledging to back the project. Every little bit helps, and you can pledge as little as $1. If you can pledge a little more, I have some fun rewards for you. As with all projects on Kickstarter, your pledged amount will only be billed if my project meets its goal. If the project doesn’t meet the goal, then all pledges are canceled, and I receive nothing.

If you can’t pledge now, you can click the “Remind Me” star on the project page, and Kickstarter will send you a reminder 48 hours before the end of the project.

Whether or not you pledge, please help me spread the word by sharing or retweeting. Thanks!

Here’s a link to the project. Be sure to watch the Kickstarter video to hear the excellent audiobook sample!

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    • HI, Anne. Yes, absolutely, you don’t have to sign into Facebook. You just need to go to the kickstarter page. Lt me know if it doesn’t work. And thanks for your interest in the project!

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