Thank you, Kickstarter backers!

Last summer, I ran a Kickstarter project to raise money to create an audiobook of my anthology, Aurora in Four Voices. The Kickstarter was successful, and thanks to 121 generous backers, Aurora in Four Voices is now available as an audiobook. You can find it on here.

I’m so grateful to all the backers, and I’d like to thank each and every one of you. All the backers who provided a name are listed here. Anyone who pledged $5 or more could also include a short message with their name, and those are included here as well.

Cat Rambo


Jakub Narębski

Neil Davies

Ultimate YA

J McCormick

Jeff – “No need to thank me. I am thrilled to have done my small part.”

Billee Stallings – “I continue to look forward to more great reads from you.”

Gracie McKeever – “Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this wonderful endeavor!”

Legends of the Maya – Traveling Family Arena Show – “Thrill to the myth and drama of the ancient Maya kingdom of Tikal.”

Randall Miyashiro – “These stories seem to get even better as I reread them!”

IronHorse – “from your purpose, may you never tarry, and from your message, yes, voices carry . . .”

Donna Andrews – “Congratulations, Catherine!”

Frank Tuttle – “Keep up the good work Catherine!”

Tom Martin – “Glad this got funded!”

sanjay vankudre – “Catherine Asaro books are the best Sci fiction I have read. I wish we continue to receive more gems from her in Skolian saga in all forms, novels and short stories”

Jo Lindsay Walton – “I am not the ballet dancer, I’m the ballet dancer’s cat. Still I’ll sit here dancing ballet till we find out where she’s at.”

Jack Heckel – “Congrats from Once Upon a Rhyme!”

Mary-Theresa Hussey

Mike Cowper – “Come to InConJunction, Indy’s premiere science fiction convention, every July 4th weekend.”

Linda Warner – “So happy to help!”

Robert Killheffer – “Great way to get an audio version made! Happy to support!” – “Glad to help with project money.”

Tasha Turner – “Social networking is about building people up NOT tearing them down ― Tasha Turner”

Rosie – “please keep writing more books!”

Jim Greetham – “Ever since I found “Primary Inversion” in the ’90s I’ve been a big fan of Catherine’s writing. Looking forward to “Aurora in Four Voices”.”

Lacey Ward

T. J. Wooldridge – “T.J. Wooldridge, author of THE KELPIE and SILENT STARSONG”

Bri O’Reilly – “I love Catherine Asaro’s work so much that my fantasy baseball team is The Ruby Dynasty. Happy to support this project and can’t wait to see what she does next!”

Al Gonzalez – “Congrats Catherine!”

M. Edward (Ed) Borasky

Jill Alters – “I’m happy to have been able to participate in this.”

David Brin – “It’s a wonderful era when readers can step up and ensure their own access to brilliant works!”

August von Orth – “Happy to help a fellow scientist/writer!”

Kathryn Anderson – “I’m glad to have contribued to the funding of this project.”

Rev G – “Life is like a bag of sugar free hard candy. Lotsa suckers with good taste.”

Iphigenie – “Glad to have helped, from one daring dreamer to another”

Paula S. Jordan – “Honoring Susan (Aly) Parsons and her thirty-plus years leadership of her science fiction and fantasy writers group, with love and gratitude”

Marla Bracken – “Keep writing!”

Sally Lyon – “Congratulations Catherine on your success. I am so happy for you and for everyone who will read Aurora.”

Carl Garrett – “Go Catherine!”

Diana Dru Botsford

Carolyn Ives Gilman

Steve Ames – “love your work. thank you.”

Isabo Kelly – “I can’t wait for this audiobook! Thanks, Catherine, for your excellent stories!”

Paul Franco – “Go Bruins! ;o)”

Kelly Taylor – “Very excited to be part of this project!”

Lee Thompson – “Yay!”

Beth Barany – “Congrats to kickass Catherine on her audiobook release!”

Brook and Julia West – “Short fantasy & SF ebooks from Callihoo Publishing, by Tinney S. Heath, Beverly Stuart, Brook West, & Julia H. West.”

Pamela L. Johnson

Leigh Saunders – “Way to go, Catherine!”

M Findlay-Olynyk – “Loved your work for years!”

John G. McDaid – “Looking forward to listening to this!”

Mary Turzillo – “Can’t wait to read this great book!”

Miguelina Perez – “Congrats on your endeavor. Can’t wait to see the finished product.”

Kathy Zehender – “Catherine, I wish you the best of luck in your further writing adventures!”

Jay Manifold – “Thank you for the opportunity to be of assistance.”

Brenda cooper – “I hope this succeeds wildly!”

Tsana Dolichva – “This message is intentionally left blank.”

Kerry Dustin – “I’m happy to have helped out. I look forward to more stories in the future.”

Dena Guerry – “The Skolian saga is so awesome and I’m so happy you are writing stories.”

Angie & David Boyter – “We’re looking forward to listening!”

@voxel – “I’m clapping my finger cymbals together in argent anticipation of Aurora”

Kevin Kelleher – “Woohoo!”

John Devenny

Kelly Jensen

Gautier Mancuso

Nancy DiMauro Greene – “I’m so excited to have helped make Auror in Four Voices a reality!”

summervillain – “Been reading since ’96/Primary Inversion & happy to support this effort”


Renee Fourman – “Sometimes you meet the right person or character when everything else goes wrong in your life.”

Lizzie Newell – “What a delight to have Aurora in Four Voices available in audio.”

Jill Archer – “Best wishes, Catherine Asaro!”

Connie Suttle – “Looking forward to this!”

Mehul Patel – “Soz rocks”


Ed Biggs – “Readers of science fiction are better prepared for any future. Thanks!”

Donna Maree Hanson – “It was really great to be a part of this Kickstarter, particularly after meeting Catherine at RT Convention in New Orleans.”

Jim Crider – “Happy to help make this happen!”

Cindy Shuts – “Books are magic!”

Darrel Conway – “Thanks!”

Coach Duff & Ayomide Kemp-Harris – “Where Greatness is possible, Excellence is not enough! Coach Duff”

Dragon Mom – “Looking forward to the finished project, it has been my pleasure to help fund your dream.”


Scott Early – “Is worth the wait. Wish more could have joined us.”

Cliff Winnig – “It’s nice to see this Renaissance in audio…and in indie publishing!”

Diane Turnshek – “Happy that Catherine Asaro was an author guest at Alpha, the SF/F/H Workshop for Young Writers,”

Robert Paul Toy – “Another gem for my library!”

Daniel Abrams – “Looking forward the hearing this!”

Brian, Sarah, and Josh Williams – “Shiny!”

Sharan Volin – “Congratulations on this Kickstarter getting funded! I’m really glad it worked out.”

Adam – “Good luck!”

Catherine Cannizzo – “Thanks for writing such wonderful books! You’re my favorite author.”

Zach Bertram – “We did it!”

Todd V. Ehrenfels – “Special Thanks to the Science Fiction Society of Northern New Jersey (”

Dan Balkwill – “Soz rules!”

Walt Bryan – “Hope everyone enjoys this as much as I will.”

Enrico Barisione – “Remember people, Professor Doctor Catherine Asaro rock!”

Mark O’Green – “SIGMA FTW”

Deborah – “Looking forward to more stories!”

Duane – “I look forward to reading more of Catherine’s stories.”

Tim Oey – “Help our world: treat kids kindly, be a good role model, live in the moment, help your neighbor, pay attention, and promote peace. Thanks!”